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Professionally installed window tinting reduces glare caused by sun, snow, and headlights.
It reduces heat to allow for a more comfortable ride in the summer and reflects up to 99% of cancer causing UVA and UVB rays.


For 40 years we have followed new car manufactures recommendations of caring for auto paint finishes.  Manufacturers recommend applying a mild polishing procedure to remove residue from the paints finish and apply polish. We have stood by these recommendations since day one, by using our unique patented polishing system; preserving and caring for your cars finish.  For years, products have been on the market claiming to last 3yrs, 5yrs, some even forever!  These products can be extremely high in cost. Many do retain a decent gloss, but being the hard compound they are made from, they are very susceptible to light scratches.


Our “Tried and True” process speaks for itself. 40 years! Our patented paint protection process, with the application of our Shine Plus Polymer (a protective sealant), is a lifetime vehicle care system. It is developed to give new cars an ultra high gloss finish that will resist fading and weathering! Check out our process!


The Auto-TEK used car process imparts high gloss luster while preserving the integrity of the cars original
finish. Our process removes scratches, swirls, and other imperfections using our unique polishing system
to resurface the paint. Our process simulates the human hand, leaving a swirl free high gloss finish. Once
the smooth, swirl free, scratch free surface is achieved, we then apply our Shine Plus Polymer (a protective
sealant) to preserve this new finish on your vehicle. This will enabling you to take part in our lifetime vehicle
care system, while saving you hundreds maybe thousands of dollars.


Auto interiors are composed of many fabrics, all of which are susceptible to daily wear and abuse, UV damage, and wide climatic changes. All kinds of dust, fumes, smoke, and dirt build up inside of a cars interior, much of it is brought in by the driver and passengers, but traffic-fumes and air-borne dirt enters via the vehicles ventilation system. Every single interior surface is affected. Periodically it needs to be thoroughly cleaned to remove pollutants and preserve the original surfaces, ensuring the vehicle's like-new condition. The surfaces involved in this cleaning are; glass, vinyl, leather, plastics, fabric, and carpets.

Fabric protection in time does wear off, usually lasting three to five years depending on the use of the vehicle. To keep long lasting protection of your cars interior, reapplication is necessary. (before reapplication, interior cleaning is required, you don’t want to apply fabric guard over dirt.)

Cleaning of these many different surfaces, requires several different cleaners and types of equipment used. Using the correct product and tools depends on the task before us. The cleaning solutions are worked into the surfaces, lifting the dirt and grime, and are then wiped away leaving behind a clean look and feel. Carpets and fabrics are shampooed using steam heat system releasing the dirt and grime from the fabrics, and then extracting/removing that dirt and grime (the yuck) from your cars interior fabrics.  Removal of stains depend on what the stain is and how long the stain has been set in.


Battling against rust in the automotive industry has been a struggle in the Midwest due to chemicals used to remove snow and ice from our roads. All products we offer will do their best in the fight against oxidation and rust. For 40 years we have tried several products and believe what we offer now is the best available. Engineering and design has come a long way while some engineering designs baffle our minds. Many of today vehicles actually have spray foam sponge in areas such as rocker panels, wheel wells and other areas, while the foam does great and deadening road noise, it plays havoc on the steel panels it’s adhered to. These areas are becoming harder and harder to protect against rust because sponge holds water and can never dry out, the products we use will do their best to protect all areas they can get to.


We use a black in color high quality chemically formulated material with fibers and corrosion inhibitors, which gives sound deadening and long lasting protection against rusting and abrasion in all types of automotive vehicles. It effectively resists salts! Undercoating provides a coating that will not drip, crack, or peel. It is excellent protection for the underbody of new or like new condition vehicles.

Recommended inspections and touch-up every 2-yrs or 36,000 miles.


We install Code Alarm brand remote starters, which has served the industry for the past 30 years. Remote car starters are the #1 convenience accessory to be installed on any vehicle! They warm your car in winter and cool your car in summer all with the simple push of a button from inside your home, workplace, sporting event, etc. Safe and secure, the auto start starts your vehicle activating your heat, ac, ventilation, and system set prior by you.


Are you searching for vent visors, rain guards, bug shields, pin stripping, truck bed protection, tonneau covers, running boards, nerf bars, trailer hitches, cruise control or liners for your floor and cargo area? Check out our accessory page!

Warranty Information

Auto-TEK Ohio LLC expressly disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied, including and implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and neither assumes nor authorizes any other persons to assume for it any liability with the sale of said products. For manufacturer warranty information, please refer to manufacturer’s website.

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