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Tried and True for 45 Years!

Founded in 1979 as Gordy Graybills Tidy Car, (Rebranded in 2019 Auto-TEK Ohio) serving the Greater Stark County area of Ohio, with a commitment to quality products with a fair and honest customer service.

Gordy started his business in 1979 in Massillon (Tuslaw), detailing vehicles from his home. Later on in 1984 he moved to our current location, enabling him to expand into window tinting and accessories. In 1986 Gordy left the Tidy Car franchise and became Gordy Graybills Auto Appearance.

In 1985 I began my business in Akron, Twin Star Tinting. In the Spring of 1988, I headed to Massillon for an opportunity to be part of a larger, more established auto detail and accessory store (Gordy Graybills). I have been at the same location ever since, detailing, tinting, accessorizing and working my way into management positions, shareholder (1991) and majority shareholder (2002) when Gordy retired.

With the passing of my silent partner and shareholder in 2018, it caused me to shut down the well-known Gordy Graybills Auto Appearance, due to being a corporation.

In April of 2019, what was formerly known as Graybills Auto Appearance was rebranded to Auto-TEK Ohio LLC.

I chose this name because; “Auto” I’ve always enjoyed looking at the different body lines of all vehicles, TEK are my initials, and Ohio because it’s a great state.

Over the years we have been fortunate to have a great core of employees and today is no different. While many have gone into retirement, we still have 3 current employees that have been working together for more than 25 years!

Auto-TEK Ohio LLC, specializing in Auto Detailing, Window Tinting, Interior Cleaning and Conditioning, Paint Restoration, Paint Sealants, Undercoating, Rust Prevention, Remote Starts, Truck Accessories and more…

“Never Wax Again” has been our slogan for years, and we are here to “Keep Your Car Looking Showroom New!”


Tim Knight - Owner

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