Tried and True for 35 Years!

Founded in 1979 as Gordy Graybills Tidy Car, we have been serving auto owners of the Greater Stark County area with a commitment to products of the highest standard, with fair honest customer service with a sterling reputation.


Gordy started the business in his home garage in 1979. As the business grew he moved it to it's current location in 1984 and an addition was constructed in 1986 to allow for new services. It was then renamed as Gordy Graybills Auto Appearance Specialist.


In 2002,  Gordy retired at age 73 and the company became known as Graybills Auto Appearance.


Tim Knight began his own business in 1985 that was known as Twin Star Tinting in Akron. With his previous experience he joined Gordy Graybills Auto Appearance as Manager. When Gordy retired Tim was named President, Gordy Graybill Jr as VP, Diane Knight as Secretary, and Alan Rogers as shareholder.


At 89 years old, Gordy Sr. passed away. Within 2 weeks of Gordy’s passing our long-time shareholder, Alan Rogers, also passed, initiating some changes for the future.


As of April 1st 2019, what was formerly known as Graybills Auto Appearance, is now Auto-TEK Ohio LLC. TEK derived from my initials Timothy E Knight, Owner.  



Tried and True….Keep Your Car Looking Showroom New!


We thank you for allowing us to serve you, and look forward to, for many years!

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