Paint Protection

"New" Car and Truck Paint Protection

Our patented paint protection process works as a lifetime vehicle care system when coupled with our Shine Plus Polymer (a protective sealant). Your vehicle is professionally machine polished with our exclusive dual headed swirl-free polishing process using our unique polymer based paint sealant. This will leave your vehicle with a smooth, high gloss, glass-like finish!

Only our polished-in process is made possible due to the preparation of each vehicle and the equipment we use, which mechanically duplicates the action of the human hand (only 250x faster!). Then our polish machine is used to create just the right amount of heat and pressure to polish in the protection.


This process literally bonds our paint treatment to the clear coat finish of your vehicle. Your vehicle's paint surface, with the annual reseal service will have a superior long-lasting layer of protection from the elements of the sun, rain, snow, sleet, salt, and pollution for the lifetime of your vehicle.


Keep your car looking showroom new!

20 years of detailing this 1998 Voyager with our Paint Protection and Reseal process along with the Rusterminator to fight rust and corrosion.

Might be the best looking grocery getter of it's era!

Yes, we always recommend an annual reseal to protect your vehicles paint! If you accumulate 12-15,000 miles a year or more, your vehicle will have build-up of pollutants and light scratches forming on your vehicles finish. We will personally send you a re-seal service notice annually, prior to the anniversary of the original Shine Plus application. This re-seal service removes these pollutants and scratches, continuing to keep your vehicle looking showroom new!

Annual Re-Sealant Service

Naturally, because of the inevitable buildup of industrial pollutants, chemical and detergent buildup, road grime, etc., it will be necessary to have us perform a periodic Re-sealant service treatment at least once a year in order to remove buildup, and in order to protect all treated areas. You will receive a mail reminder prior to the anniversary date of your Shine Plus application. 

The same polishing process is used to perform the annual reseal service, using a product called Shine Re-newer, and then applying the reseal compound to the vehicles surface to retain the glass-like finish and protection.

Once you establish your re-seal service pricing at the completion of the first service application, that pricing is "locked-in" to the original owner of that vehicle, as long as the vehicle is resealed annually. So you can "Keep your car looking showroom new!"

We also offer "middle of the road" service bundles:

#1 Hand Wash & Vac

Includes: hand washing including the door jams, bug removal, chamois towel dry, cleaning of mirrors and windows both inside and out, interior vinyl quick clean, complete interior and cargo area vacuum, wheels and tires cleaned & dressed.

#2 Spray Wax & Clean

Includes: hand washing including the door jams, bug removal and tar removal. Chamois towel dry, cleaning of mirrors and windows both inside and out, complete interior and cargo area vacuum, clean and condition all vinyl and leather, wheels and tires cleaned and dressed, spray wax applied to exterior paint.

#3 Buffs, Shine, and Vacuum

Includes: hand washing including the door jams, bug removal, and tar removal. Clay bar surface clean, chamois towel dry, cleaning of mirrors and windows both inside and out, complete interior and cargo area vacuum, wheels and tires cleaned and dressed, two-step buff and wax, machine application to remove any light scrathes (this is not paint restoration). All vinyl cleaned and conditioned for additional fee, All vinyl and leather seats cleaned and conditions for additional fee. 


Paint Restoration

"Used" Car & Truck Paint Restoration


Complete prepping of your vehicle prior to service includes: hand wash that includes door jams, debug, tar removal, tree sap removal, wheel wells cleaned, tire and rims cleaned, and clay bar treatment to remove contaminants and smooth the paints surface. Interior vacuum, windows and mirrors cleaned inside and out along with tire dressing.

Our used car process imparts high gloss luster while preserving the integrity of the cars original finish. Our process removes scratches, swirls, and other imperfections using our unique polishing system to resurface the paint. It stimulates the human hand, leaving a swirl free high-gloss finish. Once the smooth, swirl free, scratch free surface is achieved, we then apply our Shine Plus Polymer (a protective sealant) to preserve this new finish on your vehicle.


This will enable you to take part in our lifetime vehicle care system, while saving you hundreds- maybe thousands of dollars.

Paint Overspray Removal

Many vehicles today are subject to paint over-spray from bridge painting, buildings, roadways, towers, and many other unknown scenarios. Left alone, even for a short period of time, the overspray can embed itself into today's clear coated finishes which can sometimes make it impossible to remove. Our removal procedure will remove most over-sprays safely returning the clearcoat finish to it's original condition. Stop in for pricing and test removal.

Warranty Information

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